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We are proud to have Chef Zach as our Richmond, and Southern VA, area chef.  His dynamic personality and immense talent are a great addition to Chef G's Table

My Story

For the last 20 years, Chef Zach Wingold has worked his way up through the kitchen hierarchy to become Head Chef in some of the most reputable restaurants in Richmond, VA.

At the age of 15, Zach started his first job blending strawberry milkshakes and frying green tomatoes out of the concession stand at the Chesterfield Berry Farm in Moseley, VA. Although it was just a Summer gig to raise enough money to buy a car, this is where it all began.

After working at several restaurants as a busboy, food-runner, dishwasher, and prep cook, Zach scored a job working as a line cook at The Boathouse at Sunday Park shortly after graduating high school. He was captivated by the kitchen. His passion for cooking accelerated during his time at The Boathouse and soon scored him the Executive Chef position at sister restaurant, Casa del Barco.

At Casa del Barco, Zach immersed himself in Latin American cuisine. Time off was used to shop local farmer's markets and scavenge International grocery stores for unique, hard-to-find ingredients and inspiration for his menus. Vacations weren't used as a time for relaxation but rather an opportunity to explore and study the culture and gastronomy of cities such as Oaxaca, Lima, Cusco, Mexico City, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and Rome, London, Granada, and San Diego.

Zach’s love for food lead him to venture out and successfully run other kitchens as Head Chef in the Richmond area including the iconic, Millie’s Diner, where Zach managed a scratch kitchen with a revolving, seasonal menu. In 2018, Chef Wingold opened Island Shrimp Co. with the HOUSEpitality Restaurant Group. which focused on tropical, Hawaiian and South of the Equator cuisine.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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