Picnic To-Go Boxes

Please let us know of any dietary restrictions

All picnic boxes  will contain condiments and utensils

Lunch Box for Two

Includes Homemade chicken salad w/apples and walnuts, Fresh rolls, Sliced veggies with dipping sauce, Gourmet chips, mini dill pickles, and seasonal fruit

The Old Fashion Box Lunch

Includes Herb roasted chicken (de-boned), Chopped Salad w/ dried cranberries almond slices and balsamic dressing, Homemade potato salad, with seasonal fruit

Mediterranean Snack Box

Includes Homemade Chickpea hummus, Seasonal veggies, Feta Cheese, Pita bread, Pickled vegetables, and marinated olives

Italian Snack Box

Includes French bread crostini's, Garlic cheese spread, Homemade pesto spread, Sun-dried tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese slices, Dried salami, Dried mixed nuts, and fresh berries

Italian Lunch Box

Includes Three options: Italian mini subs (non-meat option available), Caprese salad on fresh greens, or Italian pasta salad, Light pickled onions and cucumbers, and seasonal fruit

Kids Box

Includes Virginia ham w/roll, Fruit cup, Baby carrots with ranch dip, Cheese and crackers, Homemade chocolate chip cookies.